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TFYLP Podcast Episodes

TFYLP Podcast Episodes

TFYLP-Episode 258-The Value of a KO

TFYLP-Episode 257-What Do You Suppose

TFYLP-Episode 251-Showing It Off

TFYLP-Episode 247-The BotCon Void

TFYLP-Episode 244-The Next Generation

TFYLP-Episode 236-Mixing it Up

TFYLP-Episode 235-Creative Displays

TFYLP-Episode 233-The Collector Stereotype

TFYLP-Episode 164-TF:The Movie 1986

TFYLP-Episode 156-BotCon 2015 Primer

TFYLP-Episode 149-RiD 1.0 and More

TFYLP-Episode 145-That’s Just PRIME

TFYLP-Episode 144-The Fandom

TFYLP-Episode 140-The Hunt

TFYLP-Episode 139-Time to Sell

TFYLP-Episode 134-TFYLP 100th Celebration

TFYLP-Episode 132-Black Friday

TFYLP-Episode 117-RiD Changes the World

TFYLP-Episode 116

TFYLP-Episode 115

TFYLP-Episode 98-First 3P Roundup

TFYLP-Episode 95-Gidgets and Gadgets

TFYLP-Episode 91-My God My Eyes, G2!

TFYLP-Episode 89-In Memoriam of JD Church

TFYLP-Episode 87-Alternators

TFYLP-Episode 86-High Quality Knockoffs

TFYLP-Episode 85-Mosts part 2 and More!

TFYLP-Episode 84-Secondary Characters

TFYLP-Episode 81

TFYLP-Episode 80

TFYLP-Episode 79

TFYLP-Episode 78

TFYLP-Episode 77

TFYLP-Episode 76-2013 Year in Review

TFYLP-Episode 73-Falling Into the Ocean

TFYLP-Episode 71-Saturday Night Special

TFYLP-Episode 69-Male & Female Robits

TFYLP-Episode 68

TFYLP-Episode 67-Beast Wars Chat

TFYLP-Episode 66-Slagacon 2013 Preview

TFYLP-Episode 65

TFYLP-Episode 63-Talking About G2

TFYLP-Episode 62-The Masters