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About Us

TFTalk.net was founded in 2013 by Duron Land, the Host of the Transformers for Your Listening Pleasure podcast (TFYLP) started by GeekExistence.com in 2010.  Upon the separation of TFYLP and GeekExistence, TFTalk was born in an effort to continue the entertainment of the fans, and spread information and excitement about the hobby of collecting Transformers and other robot mecha.

TFTalk.net hosts the podcast TFYLP , which discusses the latest in Transformers and robot mecha news, as well as discussion topics surrounding the genres.

If you would like to contact the Administrator of TFTalk.net regarding content, website issues, or advertising, please email Weirdwolf at weirdwolf75@gmail.com.  Please state within the email subject what you are contacting about.

If you would like to email a question or comment about the podcast, TFYLP, please direct your emails to the above listed email.  Again, please be descriptive about your subject in the email subject header. Or, if you prefer, you can use the Comment section below and leave us a comment/question there.

Current Active Cast

  • Duron Land “Weirdwolf” – Founder/Administrator – Twitter: @TFYLP or @Weirdwolf75
  • Don Ferguson “Headmaster Don” – Cast Member – Twitter: @HMRC4EVR
  • Rik Alvarez – Cast Member – Twitter: @PlayWithThisToo
  • Jim Black “Moroni Prime” – Cast Member – Twitter: @KreO_Wiki
  • Sergio Garcia – Cast Member – 
  • Jack Bruner – Cast Member –
  • Christian Russell – Cast Member –
  • Robert Simmons “xXAOx” -Cast Member-
  • Lucas Bockelman-Cast Member/Microcasters Host-
  • Sean McGinnis-Cast Member
  • Anna Pope-Cast Member

Past/Currently Inactive Cast

  • Amber Jensen “MiraiBaby”
  • Jason Walston “Plasticon” – Manager/Cast Member – Twitter:  @PlasticonStudio
  • Daniel Arseneault “Protoman” – Cast Member – Twitter: @Protoman
  • Greg Metcalf “Insane Galvatron” – Co-Founder/Cast Member – Twitter: @InsaneGalvatron
  • Laurel Grunst “Natsume Ryu” – Cast Member – Twitter: @NatsumeRyu
  • Heng Yip Chan – Cast Member –
  • Tobias Gronvall “Dr. Arkeville” – Cast Member – Twitter: @drarkeville
  • Maziar Shashafdari “The Maz” – Twitter: @TFSquareOne
  • Travis Landry – Twitter: @Travis_Landry
  • Brandon Boudreaux “I_AM_UNICRON”
  • Mike Lyons “SWAGE66”
  • John James “Guard Convoy”
  • Tyler King “tfarecool”
  • Bret “Megamus” – Cast Member – Twitter: @1stmegamus
  • Bryce Rutledge “brr-icy”-Cast Member-
  • Michael Swift “Sideburn2” – Manager/Cast Member – Twitter: @iBloodstormi
  • IN MEMORIAM: Chad Williams “Transjazz” – Cast Member –

Past Special Guests

Special Thank You Recognition

Paul Eiding (TFYLP audio Opening/Closing Credit voiceover) – “Perceptor/Additional voices” Voice Actor (Transformers Generation 1)

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