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TFYLP Microcasters

TFYLP Microcasters is a Facebook Live exclusive from TFTalk.net’s Facebook Page that focuses on toy review and commentary. Each episode airs live Tuesday evenings at 10 Eastern/9 Central.

TFYLP Microcaster Episodes

Microcasters – Netflix Siege Megatron

Microcasters – GT Red Bull

Microcasters – Netflix Hotlink

Microcasters – Netflix Mirage

Microcasters – MP+ Smokescreen

Microcasters – TF Con 2020 Exclusives

Microcasters – Turtler

Microcasters – Takara Gulf (Skalor)

Microcasters – Earthrise Wheeljack

Microcasters – New Studio Series

Microcasters – MFT Flame Commander

Microcasters – New Botbots!

Microcasters – Siege Astrotrain

Microcasters – Transformers MP47 Hound

Microcasters – Siege Crosshairs

Microcasters – Siege Spinister

Microcasters – Our Favorite Bumblebee

Microcasters – Amazon 3 Pack

Microcasters – Siege Datsuns

Microcasters – Cromar & Soundblaster

Microcasters – New Age Vans

Microcasters – Amazon Exclusives

Microcasters – New Age Insecticons

Microcasters – Rainmakers