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Thanks everyone! < - Anna

Feel free to comment

Hello to all!

Hi Carrie!

I've seen these before but I can't find one. Plus they've got different versions and they all look amazing!

My friend has two of the black or orange ones he won. Ones riding the other and it reminds me of the junkions lol

How longer will you three be live? I might have to get off for a bit

Those do look fantastic!! There's a lot you can do with them

I'm glad to actually catch you live!!!

putting the Oromo Prospect on the Spectral body is really cool!

I would never make fun of you, Anna! :)

who uses instructions?

....wait.... boob job for Arcee!?

1/3rd grand convoy




Hi guys! :)




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2 days ago


TFYLP Supplemental: Bumblebee Movie Discussion (Spoilers) ... See MoreSee Less


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He hasn't seen the movie yet


Should this have a giant MOVIE SPOILERS OMG up top?

Where’s duron

2 days ago


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2 days ago


This past weekend was the early Advance screening of Bumblebee. Join us tonight at 9 p.m. EST as we share our spoiler-filled thoughts on the Bumblebee movie.

Oh, yes, There will bee SPOILERS!
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4 days ago


TFYLP-Episode 310
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The think this is the thing we're getting with MP44: https://tfwiki.net/wiki/It ?

Unless they are in their pretender shells :)

Off-Topic: Is anybody going to see the Bumblebee movie tonight? I have tickets!

Shhhhhhhh. I got Quietus today.

I don't think Transformers are meant to have human proportions. I always think of them as alien robots that don't have to have our proportions. :)

I buy all the different Skywarps, including Hellwarp.

I like screen accuracy over toy accuracy.

The transformation was screen accurate in Animated. Probably the best show after Beast Wars.

You'll see my ouch latter this week

I so miss the melding aethetic

Good night! :)

Transformers are THREE toys: They are robot; they are a puzzle; and they are their Alt-Mode. I heard that at a Convention.

The thing was called IT.

Let me ask the panel... What IS transformation?

If characters become the core of the brand then TFs are no different from any other toy line.

You don;t have the youtube comments connected to live

Mp-01 was insane

Transformation is the core of the brand not the characters.

Jim, it kinda looks like Cy-Kill from Go-Bots.

Same here Duron. That MP44 is way out of my price range. :(

YouTube comments are working!

Hi guys! :)

Those sound so cool, Peter!

And transitioning into a non-transforming brand more so than a conversion gimmick makes me worried for the future. 30 years from now what will Masterpieces look like if kids today are playing with action figures and not transforming Transformers......

My daughters are more into He-Man because of the playsets.

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4 days ago


#TFYLP will be live on both YouTube and here on Facebook within the next few minutes! Today's podcast is early but it should return to normal soon. ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago



The Art of Marcelo Matere
Testing a new pen called TSWSBI Eco medium size!
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1 week ago


We take a look at Prime Wars Nova Star & Moonracer. ... See MoreSee Less


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Yes, aware of the error of Chromia, we are reviewing MOONRACER.

Hi fellas.

Chromia's coming, but not as a combiner.

I wish HasTak would retool the TR Triple Changers and remove the HM gimmick.

The Elita One mold is a mess altogether.

Som things do NOT mix.

Total Recall



Hi Jack! Long time no see!

hi everyone


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