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1 day ago


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To paraphrase Idris Elba "Start the clock until Lucus' internet fails"

I think Dutch is perfect with new age

All of these figs are cool but just appetizers before the mp44 main course!!¡!

It’s incredible how much these look like the scf pvc optimus figures that didn’t transform from early 2000’s

Yes sir

Whoa, this is Wednesday already?

Those do look good together

It’s a good size

Wow. Tfylp quality just lunched into outer space

If I was starting over might go with the smaller figures.

So the Cures of the Microcasters is bad internet

Wait for the ghostbuster version

Dx9 Dutch is awesome!

I should’ve sent you PFcon exclusives to do a microcasters episode on

I think

Any news on a legends size rodimus?

They need to create an Anna-version head replacement


Arise Roller Prime?

Dutch can! :p

Is Lucas using two cameras?!



Don’t like the skirt it hinders him

Rob Lifeild Optimus?

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2 days ago


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When and where is this hitting the states?

4 days ago


TFYLP Episode 335 - Laces Out ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago


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1 week ago


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Boobies add on coming soon😂

1 week ago


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Technical difficulties

Thank you three!!!

Thank you for answering! 😁

Hey everyone!

The closest we've gotten is the prime masters. But, I'd love some classic/ universe style pretenders

I shared this on my transformers group!

I'd like to see some masterpiece lines of the later series like Armada and Animated. What's your thoughts on that?

Mirage is literally the best classics toy

Fingers forever crossed on a God Neptune out of this.

I think that'd work!!!

I’m somewhat afraid of ghosts.

Classics mirage is a perfect toy. Check yo self

Classics Grimlock looks great

They really captured the anime look much like how the other beast wars looked much like the cgi from the show

I'm calling it now, we'll see a MP Flash Lio Convoy and Burning Convoy next year

I've got the ROTF Bludgeon, universe Skullgrin, and Titan returns metal hawk

We can hear you but is choppy


Yes resurect Robot Points

Im replaceing my Classics with Seige

See ya!!

Till all are one!!😁

I got those Shells

TFExpo panel: Classics Mirage vs Rock Lords

Prime Masters work, but Id like to see them bigger

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1 week ago


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2 weeks ago

Image attachment

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I am not a fan of these as much. I do think Springer, Mirage and Omega Supreme look great.

Man that Ratchet looks lame... It needs a bit more color or a wash to add some grime to it.

2 weeks ago


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I’m surprised too! Zeta Superion is amazing, so I’d love to see their take

Great show tonight, y'all!

I definitely hope so lol

I think this is what's taking the place of Encore UT Convoys. Since we're getting Armada Prime from Takara/Siege too. Same with Star Convoy coming in August too.

I got this guy finally last week. My first few attempts to purchase him were shut down. I had to do an Ocean’s Eleven heist at the self checkout. I purchased a leader Magnus and scanned him twice

So surprised they didn't do Fire Guts as a TT Mall exclusive from the Legends God Ginrai. Still impatiently waiting for it lol

Cybertron was an ok line. Coming from a G1 fanboy it’s tough getting used to the newer lines. I grew up WITH G1, so I thought the armada/energon/cybertron were a bit strange, but my view is bias.

Back of the store for 3 monhts, more like Xmas

So. How does it feel in hand? Like. The Megatron impressed me for sure. But I haven't bought anything else yet.

This video is making it look better than the pics do for sure.

Now transform it live

Man. I'm SO tempted to get the leader Optimus

you're still live but very chopy

Looks ok now

Walmart is usually pretty cool.

I could see Sideswipe as obligatory Hot Shot repaint

It says imterupted

Dude that super mode is M O N E Y

Gonna be impossible for me to replace the CW Magnus tho lol

(slow clap)

And it's mostly because of the comic lol

Somebody’s gotta linger on the shelf....

Fire Guts is a cool name.

Computron is my favorite

I'm with you Christian lol

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2 weeks ago


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Man that a good looking ratchet figure

3 weeks ago


TFYLP 334 - It's Been 35 Years? ... See MoreSee Less

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