TFYLP-Episode 271-The Toys That Made Us

We have special guest Brian Volk-Weiss, Creator & Executive Producer of the Netflix Original Series “The Toys That Made Us” on, with featured panelist Aaron Archer, former brand manager over Transformers at Hasbro.

TFYLP-Episode 74-The Changing of the Guard at Hasbro

Weirdwolf gets ill & Plasticon fills in as host in this episode with Sideburn2, Swage66, and TransJazz as they discuss the “changing of the guard” at Hasbro over the last year or so, and their opinions as to what direction the toys will take in the coming years.

TFYLP-Spring Break 2016 Audio Special

The cast of TFYLP couldn’t get together this week, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to listen to!  Here’s some great listening from the past of TFYLP.  From Episode 25 (GeekExistence Transformers (pre-TFYLP name)), we talk about old toy finds; from episode 48, introduction to guest Garry Chalk (Optimus Primal, Unicron Trilogy Optimus Prime); from…