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TFYLP Audio Podcast

TFYLP Podcast Episodes

TFYLP 439 – MP52 Starscream

Microcasters – Tracks

TFYLP 438 – New Transformers Exclusives

Microcasters – Netflix Spoiler Pack

TFYLP 437 – Transformers Reissues

Microcasters – Inferno

TFYLP 436 – Rise of the Beasts

Ouch My Wallet – June Edition

TFYLP 435 – New Transformers Characters

Microcasters – Ultra Magnus

TFYLP 434 – If We Ran Hasbro

Microcasters – Transformers Deseeus

Return of Ouch My Wallet!

Microcasters – MMC Exitus

TFYLP 431 – Transformers Box Mountain

Microcasters – Deep Cover

Microcasters – Ractonite

Microcasters – Cheetor & Dinobot

TFYLP 428 – Transformers Collection Displays

Microcasters – Huffer & Warpath

Microcasters – Airazor & Black Arachnia

TFYLP 426 – Hasbro Pulse Fanfest

Microcasters – Scourge

TFYLP 425 – Selling Transformers

Microcasters – Botropolis

Microcasters – Optimus Primal & Rattrap

TFYLP 423 – Transformers Conventions in 2021

Microcasters – X Panse

Microcasters – Studio Series 86 Grimlock

Microcasters – Paleotrex

Microcasters – Optus Pexus

Microcasters – MMC Mnemo_Motif

TFYLP 417 – Transformers Exclusives

Microcasters – Barricade_PunchCounterpunch

TFYLP 416 – Transformers Action Masters

Microcasters – Hot Rod

Microcasters – Beast Wars Megatron

TFYLP 413 – Top Mainline Transformers 2020

Microcasters – Cyclonus

TFYLP 412 – Transformers Netflix Earthrise

TFYLP 411 – Awesome Transformers

Microcasters – Medics Pack

TFYLP 410 – How Many Transformers are Enough?

Microcasters – Runabout & Runamuck

TFYLP 409 – Transformers Sublines 2010-2020

Microcasters – Gigawatt

TFYLP 408 – Transformers Collecting Rules

Microcasters – Scorponok

Microcasters – Airwave & Doublecrosser

Microcasters – Earthrise Ironhide & Prowl

TFYLP 405 – Ouch my Wallet

Microcasters – Earthrise Datsuns

TFYLP 404 – ToyRobot Returns!

Microcasters – Cyberverse Thunderhowl

TFYLP 403 – Virtual TF Con 2020

Microcasters – Super Megatron

TFYLP 402 – Transformers Studio Series 86

Microcasters – Pit of Judgement

TFYLP 401 – Worst Transformers Gimmicks

Microcasters – Allicons

TFYLP 400 – Anniversary Special

Microcasters – Rotorstorm & Hubcap

TFYLP – Hasbro PulseCon 2020 Special

Microcasters – Arcees

TFYLP 399 – Old vs New Transformers Characters

TFYLP 398 – Forgotten Transformers

Microcasters – Snapdragon

TFYLP 397 – Least Favorite Transformers

Microcasters – MMC Mors

TFYLP 396 – Transformers Exclusives in 2020

Microcasters – Coneheads

Microcasters – Cyberverse Repugnus

Microcasters – Earthrise Doubledealer

Microcasters – MS Voice Ripple

TFYLP 390 – Transformers Kingdom

TFYLP 389 – Childhood Transformers

TFYLP 387 – Non-transforming Transformers

Microcasters – Netflix Siege Megatron

Microcasters – GT Red Bull

TFYLP 385 – Transformers Movie Masterpiece

Microcasters – Netflix Hotlink

TFYLP 384 – Hasbro vs Takara

Microcasters – Netflix Mirage

TFYLP 382 – Netflix Transformers

TFYLP 381 – Transformers Crossovers

TFYLP 380 – Transformers Completionism

Microcasters – MP+ Smokescreen

TFYLP 379- Transformers Video Games

Microcasters – TF Con 2020 Exclusives

TFYLP 377 – What Else Besides Buying Toys?

Microcasters – Turtler

TFYLP 376 – Troop Building Transformers

Microcasters – Takara Gulf (Skalor)

Microcasters – Earthrise Wheeljack

TFYLP 374 – What To Do While Stuck Inside

TFYLP 373 – TF Con 3P Panel Discussion

TFYLP 371 – Why Buy Transformers 3P Toys?

TFYLP 368 – ToyFair Review and Discussion

TFYLP 367 – ToyFair 2020 Speculation & Discussion

Microcasters – New Studio Series

TFYLP 365 – ToyRobot Interview

Microcasters – MFT Flame Commander

Microcasters – New Botbots!

Microcasters – Siege Astrotrain

Microcasters – Transformers MP47 Hound

TFYLP 361 – Top 10 Hasbro Transformers of 2019

TFYLP 360 – Secret Santa 2019

Microcasters – Siege Crosshairs

TFYLP 359 – Transformers Year in Review

Microcasters – Siege Spinister

TFYLP 358 – Transformers Collecting Grails

Microcasters – Our Favorite Bumblebee

TFYLP 355 – Bin Life

TF Talk Weekly – Episode 6

TF Talk Weekly – Episode 5

TFYLP 353 – The Pschology of Exclusives

TFYLP 352 – Live from TF Con DC 2019

Microcasters – Amazon 3 Pack

TFYLP 351 – TF Con 2019 Convention Prep

Microcasters – Siege Datsuns

TF Talk Weekly – Episode 4

TFYLP – Episode 350 – Retro Special!

Microcasters – Cromar & Soundblaster

TF Talk Weekly – Episode 3

TF Talk Weekly – Episode 2

TF Talk Weekly – Episode 1

TFYLP – Episode 346 – What about the Kids?

Microcasters – New Age Vans

Microcasters – Amazon Exclusives

TFYLP – Episode 343 – Hasbro vs Third Party

Microcasters – New Age Insecticons

Microcasters – Rainmakers

TFYLP – Episode 336 – Under Siege

TFYLP – Episode 335 – Laces Out

TFYLP-Episode 332-Show Me the Money

TFYLP-Episode 331-Transformation Examination

TFYLP-Episode 329-Shift Change

TFYLP-Episode 326-UK Transfourmers

TFYLP-Episode 325-Studio Serious

TFYLP-Episode 324-The Culling

TFYLP Episode 323-Luck of the Draw 3

TFYLP-Episode 322-Late to the Game

TFYLP-Episode 321-Our Favorite 3P Figures

TFYLP-Episode 320-Judge Not

TFYLP-Episode 319-Wonderfest 2019 Impact

TFYLP-Episode 318-The Other Halves, Part Deux

TFYLP-Episode 317-The Movie Effect

TFYLP-Episode 312-The Big Broadcast of 2018

TFYLP-Episode 311-2018 Year in Review

TFYLP-Episode 310-Hitting or Missing with Accuracy

TFYLP-Episode 303-The Stories & The Siege

TFYLP-Episode 301-Brand Loyalty

TFYLP-Episode 300-The Ladies of the Hobby

TFYLP-Episode 299-Create Your Own

TFYLP-Episode 297-Masters of the Universe

TFYLP-Episode 296-Death of a Prime

TFYLP-Episode 295-The Prime Wars Trilogy

TFYLP-Episode 294-The Return of CoughBoy

TFYLP-Episode 293-Top Favorites

TFYLP-Episode 292-The Next Generation

TFYLP-Episode 291-Third Party Roundtable

TFYLP-Episode 289-Transformers Animated

TFYLP-Episode 288-“Golden Garbage”

TFYLP-Episode 287-Dealing With Negativity

TFYLP-Episode 286-Luck of the Draw

TFYLP-Episode 285-Car Robots in Disguise

TFYLP-Episode 283-PotP Wave 2 in Review

TFYLP “Classic” Episode 55

TFYLP-Episode 282-What IS Vintage?

TFYLP-Episode 281-Remembering Geoffrey Giraffe

TFYLP-Episode 280-Trans Tech

TFYLP-Episode 279-Transform-“Meh”s

TFYLP-Episode 278-Pieces of the Puzzle

TFYLP-Episode 277-The Familiar Obsolete

TFYLP-Episode 276-Toy VS Cartoon VS Comic

TFYLP-Episode 275-Alternates & Pre-Orders

TFYLP-Episode 274-The Replacement Killers

TFYLP-Episode 273-Unicron Trilogy Standouts

TFYLP-Episode 272-Beast Machines Roundtable

TFYLP-Episode 271-The Toys That Made Us

TFYLP-Episode 270-Holiday 2017 Episode

TFYLP-Episode 269-The Changing Thrill of the Hunt

TFYLP Episode 268-Rising Price of Premium

TFYLP-Episode 267-Make America Merge Again

TFYLP-Episode 266-Listener Question Night

TFYLP-Episode 264-What’s on Our Minds

TFYLP-Episode 263-TFCon USA 2017 Wrap-Up

TFYLP-Episode 262-BWTF Goes to Hascon

TFYLP-Episode 261-The Animated Phenomenon

TFYLP-Episode 260-Ebb and Flow

TFYLP-Episode 258-The Value of a KO

TFYLP-Episode 257-What Do You Suppose

TFYLP-Episode 256-A Leak in the… DAMN

TFYLP-Episode 255-Not the Way I Remember It

TFYLP-Episode 253-What Bay Has Done Right

TFYLP-Episode 252-Hopefully the Last Knight

TFYLP-Episode 251-Showing It Off

TFYLP-Episode 247-The BotCon Void

TFYLP-Episode 246-Alternators Discussion

TFYLP-Episode 244-The Next Generation

TFYLP-Episode 241-Who Do You Think You Are?

TFYLP-Episode 239-What’s Best for Business

TFYLP-Episode 238-3P In a Nutshell 2017 Edition

TFYLP-Episode 237-The Big G1/G2 Debate of 2017

TFYLP-Episode 236-Mixing it Up

TFYLP-Episode 235-Creative Displays

TFYLP-Episode 234-NYTF 2017 & Keeping Fans Happy

TFYLP-Episode 233-The Collector Stereotype

TFYLP-Episode 232-Bots Around the Campfire

TFYLP-Episode 231-Live Action Movie Anniversary

TFYLP-Episode 230-Story & Character Evolution

TFYLP-Episode 167-Special Guest Paul Eiding

TFYLP-Episode 166-Is G1 All Hasbro Cares About?

TFYLP-Episode 164-TF:The Movie 1986

TFYLP-Episode 161-Third Party Over Here!

TFYLP-Episode 160-Constructicon Criticism

TFYLP-Episode-159-SDCC & Travis Landry

TFYLP-Episode 156-BotCon 2015 Primer

TFYLP-Episode 155-Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On

TFYLP-Episode 152-The DL on the QC

TFYLP-Episode 149-RiD 1.0 and More

TFYLP-Episode 146-Transformers Coulda-beens

TFYLP-Episode 145-That’s Just PRIME

TFYLP-Episode 144-The Fandom

TFYLP-Episode 143-The Rise and Fall of CHUG

TFYLP-Episode 140-The Hunt

TFYLP-Episode 139-Time to Sell

TFYLP-Episode 138-The Future of the Brand

TFYLP-Episode 137-Collecting G1-No Thanks!

TFYLP-Episode 135-Christmas 2014 & Year in Review

TFYLP-Episode 134-TFYLP 100th Celebration

TFYLP-Episode 133-Sealed vs Play with that Thang

TFYLP-Episode 132-Black Friday

TFYLP-Episode 121-Yuusha Brave Series, Part 2

TFYLP-Episode 120-Yuusha Brave Series, Part 1

TFYLP-Episode 117-RiD Changes the World

TFYLP-Episode 116

TFYLP-Episode 115

TFYLP-Episode 113-TF-Expo’s Phil Searle

TFYLP-Episode 112-TFCon Canada 2014 & More

TFYLP-Episode 111-News and New Reveals

TFYLP-Episode 109-AoE Premiere and Spoilers

TFYLP-Episode 108-Room to Room Trading

TFYLP-Episode 106-News and Conventions

TFYLP-Episode 99-Special Guest Flint Dille

TFYLP-Episode 98-First 3P Roundup

TFYLP-Episode 97-BotCon’s Pete Sinclair

TFYLP-Episode 96-MP Extravaganza, Part 2

TFYLP-Episode 95-Gidgets and Gadgets

TFYLP-Episode 94-MP Extravaganza, Part 1

TFYLP-Episode 93-Random Nuts and Bolts

TFYLP-Episode 91-My God My Eyes, G2!

TFYLP-Episode 90-ToyFair 2014 Roundup Hurrah!

TFYLP-Episode 89-In Memoriam of JD Church

TFYLP-Episode 87-Alternators

TFYLP-Episode 86-High Quality Knockoffs

TFYLP-Episode 85-Mosts part 2 and More!

TFYLP-Episode 84-Secondary Characters

TFYLP-Episode 81

TFYLP-Episode 80

TFYLP-Episode 79

TFYLP-Episode 78

TFYLP-Episode 77

TFYLP-Episode 76-2013 Year in Review

TFYLP-Episode 75-Beast Forms vs Vehicle Forms

TFYLP-Episode 73-Falling Into the Ocean

TFYLP-Episode 72-Crew’s Holiday Wishlist 2013

TFYLP-Episode 71-Saturday Night Special

TFYLP-Episode 70-Repaints, Remolds, & Reuses

TFYLP-Episode 69-Male & Female Robits

TFYLP-Episode 68

TFYLP-Episode 67-Beast Wars Chat

TFYLP-Episode 66-Slagacon 2013 Preview

TFYLP-Episode 65

TFYLP-Episode 63-Talking About G2

TFYLP-Episode 62-The Masters