TFYLP Episode # 64 – “Filler Lines”

In this episode of TFYLP, Weirdwolf, Insane Galvatron, and Plasticon discuss “Filler Lines” in Transformers – lines that are meant to ‘bridge’ the gap between main lines, or ‘buff out’ main lines on store shelves.  Also, Insane Galvatron is out and about and podcasting from his phone and does a little Transformer hunting at a local Meijer and Walmart.

4 thoughts on “TFYLP Episode # 64 – “Filler Lines”

  1. Yep. They both were. I was driving/toy hunting during the show, so I wasn’t paying full attention to correct that mistake. The urban camo deco came out during Armada in Armada style packaging, and the tiger stripe came out during Universe 1.0.

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