TFYLP 100th YouTube Subscriber GiveAway!

TFYLP Iron Paw Giveaway

TFYLP Iron Paw Giveaway


  1.  SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel
  2. Join our Open Facebook Group . Once you have been approved for joining, please tell us your YouTube username & Message Board username (along with the board(s) you post on) here and that you’ve subscribed.
  3. Add the image below with a link to our website in your signature on other Transformer Message Boards with the following code (copy and paste into your signature on those forums):


^Please note that the above code will only work on forums that have signatures turned ON and BB code turned ON.  Most Transformers forums allow this by default, but on the offhand chance they do not (and only in that instance) you may simply put a text link back to us or mention us somehow in your visible profile on those forums.



If you cannot post animated .gifs for signatures on some boards (like TFW2005), you can use the following one that is not animated:


That’s it!  Once we’ve reached our 100th YouTube Subscriber, we’ll go through and pick out ONE lucky subscriber at random, confirm that you’ve done the 3 steps above, and announce that you are the winner.  Just send us your address via email or private message on our forums and you get a FREE KFC Justice Iron Paw (3rd Party Steeljaw)!!!  Good luck, and thank you for listening and subscribing to TFYLP!

We would also like to thank our site sponsor, Captured Prey for providing us with the KFC Iron Paw!

Keith's Fantasy Club Iron Paw

Keith’s Fantasy Club Iron Paw

This offer is only valid for listeners within  the US, its Territories, Canada, and the UK.

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