One thought on “TFYLP-Episode 83 (Download Version)-Least Favorite Figures

  1. I’m a little behind on my podcast listening so I’m just hearing #83 now.

    That G2 Magnus is hideously beautiful! How much would a you charge for to make one?

    Listening to the “My favorite G1” segment. You guys keep saying how the Bumblebee/Cliffjumper/Bumblejumper/Hubcap mold is from Diaclone and reminds you of a penny racer.
    That mold isn’t from Diaclone, it’s from Microman. And the reason it reminds you of a penny racer is because it is! They are supposed to be disguised as toys, penny racers in fact.

    The GPS Beast wars figure you’re talking about is BWN Randy, who was a reuse of the BW Razorbeast mold. I’ve seen the video you’re talking about, it’s by Protoman. Randy is the GPS victim, not Razorbeast, he’s made out of red plastic.

    Yes! We need a Dinoking reissue!

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