TFYLP Scheduling Change

Attention loyal listeners!   TFYLP is going back to a once-per week schedule again beginning this Friday at 8pm eastern.   We had mentioned a while on the show back that if necessary we would change the recording/broadcast of the show depending on time constraints.

As it is, with my new job, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find time to edit 2 lengthy podcasts a week with my work schedule. So, rather than delay the download versions of the show even further and fall farther behind,  we will be back down to just one show per week.  This new scheduling will last until we can both technologically and physically handle more workload given time constraints.

Also on a totally unrelated note, a special thank you to Transjazz,  aka Chad who has voluntarily stepped away from being active on the show to spend more time with family.  Like me, Chad is gone from home a lot due to work,  and it is totally understandable for what he is doing.  Chad will remain with us in a capacity to where he can provide input and ideas, and in his short time with us has been invaluable.

Be sure to check out our next episode this Friday night here and on our YouTube channel!


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