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As our podcast, TFYLP, hits episode 100 we step into the wayback machine and make available some of the first episodes EVER of the show that would become to be known as Transformers for Your Listening Pleasure.

A show about general toys, GeekExistence Toys lasted about 10 episodes before becoming a dedicated show about Transformers as it is today. ¬†These episodes are a bit rough for first-timers Weirdwolf and Insane Galvatron, but back then, 2010 never sounded so good! ūüėČ Lost on Hard Drives here and there until now, ¬†these “lost” episodes of our early show are now available for you to listen and download. ¬†Please note that they are in .m4a format only, and may not work on all players. ¬† Episode #1 is currently not found (I only have HALF the audio from that show, as we recorded in a different way back then). ¬†If you happen to have a copy of the full episode of GeekExistence Toys Episode #1, please let us know!

Check out the GeekExistence Toys Podcast Archive and get a little piece of history, and help understand our somewhat strange enumeration on our episodes. ¬†Since this is where we, TFYLP, began, we count these episodes in our podcast number, even though it wasn’t entirely a Transformers podcast back then. ¬†We plan on something special with episode #111, which is actually our centenial of episodes dedicated to Transformers.

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