112 thoughts on “TFYLP – Episode 119 – Transformers Fans & The Internet: A History

  1. Can I say, you ever notice that people who don’t know each other on the Transformers fandom can quickly become friendly to one another and stand up for them. So the community has potential to be awesome.

  2. People can get very sensitive over toys, it’s an interest, and when people hear what they like is ‘stupid’ or terrible in comparison to something they’re not into, they feel like they’re being forced to like something they don’t. BREAKING NEWS, I don’t care for G1. I think, honestly, it’s stupid when I’m told I must like G1 because that’s what started Prime, or the Baymovies, or anything else. I don’t hate G1, I’m not saying I don’t like it, but it’s not my thing.

  3. It is like i teeveryone . we al incarnations.Whaev series you came in to the universe with is your own personal G!. for me it twas G1. for others it is beast wars, some animated and some started with the bay movies. the point is we all like transforming giant robots from a dead planet called cybertron fighting for energon and survival.. We all love transformers so lets just chill out and enjoy our bots and cons in our own way with out bashing each other.

  4. OH NO, I DON’T WATCH G1, DEAR GOD, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I must watch G1 to get the support of some stranger I will not know nor will remember his name because he got pissy at me. LoLz.

  5. There’s no book that says we mist like this or hate that, why, because that would be the stupidest thing ever. We are humans, when we’re into something, we’re into something, that’s it. You can’t force someone to like G1, I don’t force Bay stuff down anyone’s throat. The reality is we are of 7,000,000,000 people on this planet, with people before and after us, so how are we all going to be into the same thing. People who can’t figure that out, are idiots to not learn that other can enjoy something different. Arguing actually makes me want to stay away from G1 honestly.

  6. lol i officially have a total of 13,458 figures. My collection includes TF’s,gobots, voltron, macross/robotech,power ranger zords, and other transforming mecha.My collection includes manga/comics, movies, series, etc. I love transforming bots what can i say.

  7. Oh, this might be shocking but, A DELUXE IS NOT A MASTERPIECE, Why do people act like a simple Deluxe toy, a toy made for kids, must surpass Masterpiece needs. Modern Generations don’t even do that.

  8. some masterpiecs don’t surpass them either though. take for example the generations fairlady trio. the mp versions have just as much articulation and they are the same size roughly

  9. Look @ the count on the comments OMG! Great show. I wish I would have been in on the convo last night but my lady & I saved up the last few eps of True Blood & had a marathon lol;)

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