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You can now Register on our Forums with Facebook!

You can now Register on our Forums with Facebook!

Our TFTalk Forums are now back open.  Still testing some things to ensure that registrations & such goes much more smoothly than before, but so far everything seems to work properly!  If you were a member of the previous iteration of the board, don’t worry, your account & posts are still there.  Please update your bookmarks for the new location of the board.

A new feature added to the board is the ability to Register with Facebook (or if you prefer, you can still do it the old way).  Registering with Facebook gives you a quicker, easier registration, in addition to a few extra features on the forum:

  • Easy register/login with Facebook credentials
  • Facebook connected users have the ability to share threads/posts directly to their Facebook wall/groups from within the thread.

Soon, we may even have the option to use your Avatar on the forums synched with your Facebook profile pic (still working on this).

We’ve also added YouTube embedding within posts, and a couple other cosmetic changes.  We hope you enjoy the newly updated boards and share it with your Transformers & mecha friends!

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