TFYLP-Episode 125 (Download)-Special Guest Play With This Too

Editor’s note:  The audio quality of this episode is horrible.  I am not pleased with the results at all. I truly apologize for this.  We were trying out new software which enabled us to use Skype instead of Google+ as we had been, but there were some technical issues that were beyond my control that made the audio very choppy.  I looked into re-recording the audio off of YouTube, but it is rife with the same issue.  In our next episode, we will be returning to our old tried-and-true way of broadcasting.  We apologize to our guest Rik Alvarez of Play With This Too, and to you, the listeners of our show for this slip in quality.  I assure you that I will take every effort to make sure this doesn’t happen again, or at the very least, very often.  Thank you. 

Duron Land, Producer/Editor TFYLP

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