One thought on “Generations Arcee & RiD 2 Grimlock Photo Shoot

  1. Great show…very nice wrap up for the year with some good insight and humor.

    That said, the language in your final episode of the year was way over the top. I really don’t want to hear about a color scheme “kicking someone in the dick hole,” etc. I hate to say it but it really cheapens this show compared to many of the TF podcasts that I listen to. Let’s just say that there is a difference between casual swearing and straight up locker room/trashy language. That line was crossed.

    Secondly, Don seems like a great guy and has a really unique perspective having been a bit older than most of us who were picking up G1 figures…enough with making fun of his age. He’s a good sport about it but it’s really disrecpectful borders on “bullying” on occasion. It’s juvenile and tiresome.

    I really do like the show. I think the crew has a lot to offer and I enjoy the banter…but I just wanted to leave my thoughts because the current episode really rubbed me the wrong way.

    Take it or leave it.


    P.S. “skinning a cat alive” isn’t funny in any context.

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