50 thoughts on “TFYLP-Episode 140-The Hunt; Special Guest Travis Landry

  1. Rows of toys, all in glorious boxes. Children’s Palace and Dahlkemper’s Department store, Hill’s Department stores. back when Series carried toys..Value City…Oh man. The hunt wasn’t so hard back then because they were everywhere and all the stores were decently stocked. Onlything I remember that was really hard to find was Swoop.

  2. I was just telling my gorgeous girl about how sweet it was when the new mall opened in Clarksville Indiana back in 1990 & I had a Toys R Us; Children’s Palace, & K B Toys all within a quarter mile of each other. I miss children’s Palace & their Turbo Graphix 16 demo station

  3. I remember we got a number of the Transformers Robot food toys. (Muppet Babies apparently was also an area exclusive). It’s really hard to say, because to me, it all was…normal.

  4. So, you guys are talking about the old classic toys which I remember as a child.. yes a child!! In toys r us! But What’s your thoughts on the way these characters are put forward to the fans and the people today!? And what about the way the toys and characters are actually made! Do you think they’re better then the good old days? and I don’t mean the cheap copies

  5. Lamont did you have a Children’s Palace? That place was here in 84 two in the Louisville market. To walk into one between 84 & 86 was a walk amongst the clouds my friend. Truly a thing of beauty to behold

  6. More old person stories. I was thirteen in 1984. I bought my first Transformers at a Coast to Coast Hardware, but a retail chain called Alco was where most of my G1 came from back in the day. I was able to ride my bike there, and they had pretty much all of G1, including the giftsets. When I turned sixteen in 1987, I got my license and a part time job, and that summer, drove to the nearest Toys R Us and bought my Fort Max for $99.99.

  7. You can wait, but you have to know your area. I always here Protoman go on and on about, just be patient, but he’s a collector that goes to a lot of places to get his TFs. Where I live, a store may only get a max of 2 cases of a line (Heck Arcee/Chromia has only hit this city once, as well as Brainstorm, to date). So yeah..

  8. Lamont, do you have a local comic book shop? I by my Hasbro stuff from him. Sure I pay a small mark up, but I get everything I want & I put my money into a local mom n pop as opposed to an enormous, soulless big box.
    Mike, do you still have that Fort Max? I’d like to here the story. I was 12 when he dropped & had no chance in hell of getting one. Now I have a Brave Max & I feel like it all worked out in the end

  9. Best way to get Black Friday toys that you know is coming out. When TRU had that big Jetwing Optimus Prime for $50, they got them in stock a few days early, so instead of going through the headache of waiting in line to buy them, I just took one, did a little hide, and on black Friday, strolled in around 1pm walked over to the spot, got it for $50 and was gone. πŸ˜€

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