69 thoughts on “TFYLP-Episode 143 (LIVE)-Rise & Fall of CHUG

  1. I still like Classics because overall they’re cheaper if you get them as they come out. The only reason MP is winning out isn’t cost for me, but rather what they deliver as opposed to Classics.

  2. Hasbro is going to continue the Classsics/CHUG style figures, regardless of secondary market values. Like Rik said, it’s irrelevant to Hasbro. Resellers are the only ones that are truly on the pulse of what’s hot with collectors right now.

  3. Listening to the show now, and I have to disagree with Megamus; the MP toys will have NO effect on CHUG sales in either the primary or secondary markets. The MP’s have such a limited market due to being exclusives and being expensive. And like Rik Alverez said, while the MP’s are basically targeted at adults, whereas CHUGs are aimed at EVERYONE. And the adult collector market is so small compared to the general public, there is no possible way that the MP’s will ever replace the CHUGs, unless Hasbro wants to start selling them at a MUCH cheaper price with wider distribution.

  4. One more thing the title is laughable. Generations/Combiner Wars is Chug & we are at the front end of a two maybe 3 year phase that seems to be outselling all previous iterations of the CHUG era.

  5. Bret, I don’t doubt the validity of what you’re saying, but you are also only selling to collectors. I just came back from a hunt and while there is evidence that CW has hit all retailers around here, there were very few of them on the shelves/pegs. So they are selling. I can’t help but remember the last time Walmart carried MP figures and how they languished on the shelves until they had to be clearanced out.

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