35 thoughts on “TFYLP-Episode 149 (Live)-RiD 1.0 & More

  1. I really like JRX/Rail Racer. He’s one of my favorite combiners. I sold off my Brave Max in 2006, but I kept most of the original Car Robot figures and passed on most of the domestic releases.

  2. Can I say, I’m a bit behind mostly due to lag on my end, but Generations Combiner Wars Hot Spot remolded into RID Optimus Prime… think about it….. think about it…….. are you thinking about it.

  3. Mike, I believe a couple of them were, but I do not recall which ones in particular. But yes, 9/11, RiD, and the death of Power Rangers Thui “Trini” Trang all happened within a couple weeks of each other, that was a bittersweet month.

  4. Was in Japan when Car Robot started. Grabbed Brave Max at the beginning of my trip. Lugged him around for 2 weeks like a rocket launcher. Got A LOT of wierd stares from the Japanese population…

  5. Though they are doing Prowl from what I heard for Combiner Wars, I think this is how it’ll go.
    CW RID Team:
    Generations Hot Spot – Optimus Prime.
    Generations Breakdown – (Super) Prowl.
    Generations Dead End – Sideburn.
    Generations First Aid – X-Brawn.
    Generations Dragstip – Skid-Z.
    Generations Blackjack – Hot Shot (If it can work)

    Generations Dead End – (Super) Sideburn.
    Generations First Aid – (Super) X-Brawn.

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