3 thoughts on “TFYLP-Episode 154 (Download)-This is Your Father’s BotCon-With Karl Hartman

  1. First off, a confession. I have not been a regular listener of your podcast. I came to this episode for two reasons: 1) There seems to have been quite the back-and-forth between you guys and the folks at Radio Free Cybertron this past few weeks (having Don as a presence on both helps, of course!), 2) Hearing that Karl Hartman would be your guest, I was looking forward to the stories of BotCons past.

    I’m so glad that I did. There has been so much anger directed at the convention in recent years (and particularly this past week, given the pre-registration issues), and without suggesting that all of that has been misplaced, you were able to focus on what made us all love going to the convention in the first place. I particularly enjoyed listening to the reminiscences of the BotCon 2004 breakfast, and the ins-and-outs behind getting Action Master G2 Breakdown to us that day (by the way, the breakfast cost $55. In case you don’t recognize my name, I’ve been following this kind of thing on a set of data pages that I’ve maintained for several years now). Thanks also for sharing about the possibility that a set of movie Action Masters might have been created, if only… (yes, I’m one of those rare Action Master fans!).

    (I’m with Karl! I’m all for more BotCons in Pasadena, myself. But I’m biased, having lived here for nearly two decades, and am certainly sympathetic to concerns that it is expensive for those who have to travel from far away.)

    • Thank you for your comment, and we’re glad you enjoyed the show! Yes, there has been issues with behind-the-scenes runnings, but a lot of people forget that despite issues every year everyone tends to go home rather happy. I know I have. We didn’t want to go into this show with a negative vibe, and avoided it so as not to make Karl feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, he felt it necessary to bring it up; it does need to be talked about and I hope we handled it in the proper way. By the looks of most of the comments/feedback we’ve gotten (ie those who actually didn’t get mad over “softball questions” and quit listening too early), everyone says we did it right. Thanks again for your kind words, and we hope that you continue to listen and spread the word. It’s our goal here at TFYLP to be a fan service in addition to being entertainment.

      Duron Land
      “Weirdwolf”, TFYLP Founder/TFTalk.net Admin

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