26 thoughts on “TFYLP-Episode 158 (LIVE)-Takara Goes BEAST MODE

  1. My thoughts as a Beast Wars fan is that there is no way they will do anything special beyond Primal next year. It is sad, because 20 years is big for BW. I really would love to get a Megatron to go with him. It would make me very happy, and I can forgive them not making a bigger deal.

  2. See, too me it doesn’t matter so much because It will become just like Quickslinger and Brake-Neck. I got them, put them on my Superion and Menasor as legs, and you can’t even see them behind everything else on the shelf. Alpha Bravo and Offroad are more prominent in the foreground than the others.

  3. Combiner Wars has revitalized my love of the Generations line to the point where I am going to be selling off some of my previous CHUG figures to make room for the CW figs.

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