TFYLP’s “UNITE WITH US” Giveaway Contest Sponsored by Captured

"Unite With Us" Giveaway

“Unite With Us” Giveaway

TFYLP & Captured are proud to bring to you the “Unite With Us” grand giveaway contest!  The winner of this contest will be the first person to gather all six clues (provided over the course of 6 episodes, beginning Fri. Aug. 28th, 2015).  The prize will be a new in package complete set of Combiner Wars Stunticons–Motormaster, Dead End, Breakdown, DragStrip, Offroad, Brake-Neck, & Blackjack, provided by Captured   Listen to each episode, and gather the clue given at some point during the episode.  After all SIX clues are given, piece them together to form the answer, then be the FIRST person to TWEET it to us on our Twitter page (@TFYLP) OR our Facebook public group.

The rules are as follows (PLEASE read CAREFULLY–there is a way to get disqualified! Let’s make this equal and fun for everyone!)

  1. Clues will be at random times each week.

  2. After all 6 clues are given, the first person to Tweet or post the correct answer on our Facebook group will be the winner.

  3. Guesses will not be accepted before all 6 clues are given.

  4. TFYLP cast (past or present), guests, CP staff, their families are not eligible.

  5. Contest is open worldwide, however if the winner is outside the US or Canada, winner MUST pay for shipping. Participation acknowledges this is understood.

  6. If International winner refuses to pay for shipping, the prize will be offered to the next person who answered correctly.
  7. If the winner does not provide shipping address information within  1 WEEK of being notified of winning, winner forfeits and prize is offered to next person who answered correctly.
  8. n the event of a tie on time stamps, a tie-breaker question will be posed on the show, the first to answer it correctly will break the tie.

  9. In order to play, people MUST listen to the show, or they won’t hear the clues. 

  10. Clues will not be repeated off the episode, listeners asking for clues (whether directly or indirectly), contestant is disqualified.
  11. Audio listeners can hear the clues, but they’ll have to watch the 6th & final clue episode for the final clue to have a fair shot at winning.

  12. Offering guesses, (asking if you’re right, etc) automatically disqualifies you from the contest.  Play the game through!

Of course, this contest would not be made possible without our awesome sponsor, CAPTURED PREY.  Captured Prey offers a wide selection of Transformers action figures both foreign & domestic, as well as popular 3rd Party Transformer items.  You can save a lot through the Captured Prey Loyalty program, and even more with FREE basic shipping on orders of $150 or more, so head on over there and check them out today if you haven’t already!


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