2 thoughts on “TFYLP-Episode 171 (Live)-Trippin’ on Double Dippin’

  1. So I rush home to get my Friday fix of TFYLP and lo and behold the night’s topic is the one I had suggested- Double Dippin! YESSS!!! You Guys Rule! Fan love from a fellow TF fan! It’s nice to see a podcast that actually listens and pays consideration to their fans instead of just breezing thru their comments or yikes even mocking them. With the current TF lines CW & RID doing recolors, remolds and reissues of old and new characters, the topic of double dipping is MORE relevant today than ever… Dare I say MORE than meets the eye? Argh- Sorry Don, I’ll leave the bad puns to the experts. Thank you TFYLP for sharing the TF Love and dropping the knowledge like Prime dropping Megs! Now excuse me while I check on something- I think I hear a Bigglesworth scratching at the door.. Or is it scraplets…?

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