One thought on “TFYLP-Episode 174 (Download)-Conversing Convention Exclusives!

  1. Hiya TFYLP Gang! Listened to the last 2 podcasts and they really got me pumped- Just not in a weird unmentionable way=;) Glad to see TFCon is flourishing in the USA as well as Canada! I once fancied myself a conservative restrained collector, but after going to TFCon yearly and listening to you guys drool over past present and new Transformers on a weekly basis I can barley restrain my mad collector impulse.Thanks for helping me contribute my hard earned cash to this fine Hasbro brand and to the economy in general- Money well spent=:p Anyway I was chatting it up with some fellow collectors and realized many of us cross genres, specifically Horror as well as Transformers. We got to talking about how the Brand, in its various media, has some strong horror elements. Whether it be the living dead in G1 cartoon Zombie Prime and Starscream’s Ghost, to the comic book of Shockwaves Ark of the living ‘Dead ‘ Autobots, to the Dark energon vampire/zombies of Cliffjumper and Breakdown in Prime, the slaughterhouse of the alternate Lost Light a la DJD and lest we forget everyone’s favourite trauma inducing Give Me Your Face Psychotic Optimus of the Bayverse, Transformers has more than enuff horror to whet your ghoulish appetites. With that said may I offer another suggestion in time for Halloween? Killer Psycho Robots- Horror & Violence in Transformers…. A little out there of a topic, but one I’m sure will elicit a lively, one might say undead discussion… Mwa·ha·ha·ha·ha·ha·ha… Happy Halloween=:D

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