One thought on “TFYLP-Episode 175 (Download)-The Open Book on Play With This Too

  1. I am the type of collector who is only buying particular transformers characters regardless of what line they belong to and as a transformers collector I never saw the appeal for the Play With This Too figures. As such I did not contribute to either kick starter. I can see how Rik has contributed to the fandom both past and present and how he would try to use that notoriety to promote his product. But I still don’t see who those figures are supposed to appeal to. They are not transformers and do not transform so those fans are out. They look like Master of the Universe but not any of those characters so those fans are also out. I think by trying to homage so many different toys it kind of missed the mark on all of them. I do give him props for trying something new and hope his next attempt is more successful.

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