5 thoughts on “TFYLP-Episode 177 (LIVE)-Size Does Matter and Other Innuendo

  1. My favorite size class has always been the Beastwars Basic.

    Most if the time you got a nice, well articulated bot, with internal weapon storage for $5. It only took a few chores to get one, the weapons were concealed not just pinned on the animal weirdly like most vehicle formers and most of the time a simple transformation “flip” for those kids that always needed help.

  2. Duron Land, just to answer your questions about IP infringement at BotCon, one of the rules of IP law is that only the person who owns IP can take any legal action about it. So while Hasbro might comment on infringing Hasbro IP, it’s not really their job to run around enforcing someone else’s IP. Therefore they MIGHT complain that BadCube Sunsurge looks a lot like Sunstreaker, they can’t complain that Sunsurge looks like a Lamborghini, since they don’t own Lamborghini.

    Honestly, I’m guessing Fun Pub has no interest in the wording or enforcing of the policy placed in their brochure. It was probably passed down from Hasbro’s legal department. I’ve asked about it in past years, and I have yet to find a single case of Fun Pub official kicking anyone out for selling a 3P toy. They just put that in the brochure to tell people to keep their selling on the down low. I bet because people were actively advertising 3P toys sold in hotel rooms, they had to add this line now too. Sure, 3P toys will still be sold in hotel rooms, but this will stop people from ADVERTISING it where Hasbro might see the signs.

  3. Oh, as for TFC suing Hasbro for Devastator looking like Hercules, I doubt it, as I don’t think any third party company has ever registered trademark on any of their toys. Also, “Hercules” is the English translation of Devatator’s name in Chinese. It’s not even an original name.

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