6 thoughts on “TFYLP-Episode 185 (Live)-1984 Year in Transformers Review

  1. We go live at approximately 9PM EST! Tonight we’re looking back on the year that started it all, 1984. This will be the first in our look back into specific years of Transformers. The toys, the comics, the cartoons, the movies. Do you have any memories from that year? Any questions? Tune in and find join the discussion here or on our Twitter account, @TFYLP !

  2. I was born in 83 so I didn’t really get to enjoy the 1984 line until later my Grandma found me a incomplete Soundwave and Slugfest at a garage sale . I remember getting a Galvatron & Skullgrin for Christmas one year. The 1st comic I picked up was my cousin gave me the Marvel issue where Skullgrin
    becomes a movie star because I had the pretender. I would read the files all the time in the back of the marvel books.

    Duron – I played the hell out of SOS Dinobots too!

    I was heavy into beastwars and the current stuff but never really collected anything G1 outside of what survived my childhood until I was waiting for my mom at a Borders for lunch and I found Rik’s book with Fort Max on the cover after that I went on a yahoo auction and early eBay binge to fill the gaps I missed as a kid.

    • I’ll only add Rik if he wants I know how some like to keep business & pleasure separate. Always glad to listen. Now that I’m a dad my Friday nights are in and the show starts just in time after the 20th “go to bed”

  3. My first transformers was bumblebee. I remember very well getting it and remembering how the plastic smelled!! Has it been thrirty two years??? Getting old!!! I still have it by the way. Great show!

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