12 thoughts on “TFYLP-Episode 196 (Live)-BotCon 2016 Afterthoughts

  1. My favorite memory was my friend winning a blind box during the Saturday night auction. The box contained 5 sealed Terrorsaurs, , and a sealed loose set, plus other TF goodies

  2. Chad I’m sorry I missed you at the show. Glad you and your sons had a good time. Dealer room had a really good variety. I managed to stick to my wanted list and got all but one of the figures I was looking for. This being likely the last one, I heard some good stories from folks about their favorite BotCon memories over the years. Toys are great, but it’s about hanging out and catching up with fans and friends, and you guys from TFYLP that you most times only see once a year. Had a great time as usual.

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