TFYLP-Episode 200 (Live)-Controversy Never Dies

In this episode, the cast talks about “controversies”, disagreements among fans as to what is accurate and what is not within the Transformers universe.  Rumble is blue, Frenzy is red.  NO!  Frenzy is blue, Rumble is Red.  Truck not Munky!  Bayverse vs. G1 and so on.  We take a closer look at some of the ages old arguments that still go on to this day.

38 thoughts on “TFYLP-Episode 200 (Live)-Controversy Never Dies

  1. A message for Don, on the last show is was on he mentioned being sad that the Action Toys Machine Robo Revenge of Chronos would not include Tux, but I checked out the series and the Tux toy did appear once on the show. Episode 12. He was colored black and called Herse Robo.

  2. I have indeed skipped a toy because I don’t like it’s size class. I have limited funds to buy toys, and any thing I can do to narrow my purchases to only toys I find perfect, that’s fine by me.

  3. I decided to go with GCreations Shuraking.
    I would love to have the Fanstoys Dino’s. The main reason I passed was the cost. Shuraking hits the middle ground for me. Cost and aesthetic.

  4. I don’t know why people treat “Legends” as a scale, when it’s a size class. They seem to want to display the 4 inch tall version of figures all together. Sorry, but Legends Bumblebee and Legends Jetfire are not in scale with each other. I put Legends Bumblebee, Voyager Optimus and Leader Jetfire together in a display. They scale perfectly.

    • I have all my legend scale figures displayed with generations Metroplex.
      The main reason is space. Metroplex takes up half a Detolf. My others are displayed by series/toy line. Yes they are mixed to conserve space. Larger scale in the back, smaller in the front.

  5. The numerous ongoing controversies right now, take your pick, are kind of a blessing, if only because we still have something new to complain about. Like what you like and be thankful there is a variety. Whether it be G1, Beast Era, Bayverse, Animated, 3P, there’s something for everyone. Like you guys say, “Don’t be a Richard.”

  6. I never realized Rumble was a different color. I grew up with the cartoons only (comics really weren’t that available to me). So yes I’m a “Rumble is purple/blue” camper. To each their own tho. ????????

  7. The correct answer to Ribfir is ‘yes’ because both ways are correct as implied. He sure was blue in that 30 year old cartoon. Yep.

    The toys still black.

    Seriously, it’s like 75% black. That’s like wearing a tank to to a water park, getting a sunburn on your shoulders and chafed on your thighs. That’s the amount of red.


  8. This Question is for headmaster Don. You have said on more then one occasion on more then one show how we don’t need another Devastator, but defended the masterpiece Cheetor figure. In defended the masterpiece Cheetor figure you said that the Beast Wars fans deserve a decent version of Cheetor. But you would condemn MP collectors to having that hollow tonka toy Titan class Devastator. Now we are getting 2 MP scale Devastator one of witch looks like the G1 cartoon characters. Now the question what is the difference between people being up in arms about Cheetor and your opinion of needing a good Devastator ? If you do not respond to this question I must assume that you are a hypocrite and will have to reconsider watching both the pod-casts you are on. P.S. not all of us have a Devastator yet because we have not yet found one we like as for my self I will be getting the toyworld one.

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