21 thoughts on “TFYLP-Episode 214-Impulse Buying & Collection Re-focus

  1. When MP-10 TRU Prime came out I picked it up at a grand opening sale at a new TRY for about 75.00, they did not even have him out, was in the back, only 2 of them…. told friends and a local friend of mine ran out there the next morning and got he second one.

  2. I had impulse preorder syndrome lol. I regret a couple purchases I preordered. I’ve since stopped preordering. Figures don’t sell out as fast as they did in the past, and go on sale more often.

    • Just to clarify a little. It’s not the figures i regret getting. It’s more the retailers I’ve purchased from. A couple were shady. And also a couple figures were not quite “right” on first release.

  3. I agree completely Duron. I came to that realization a couple years ago. I have a large hot wheels collection in totes. I want to get rid of. I don’t have room to display, & haven’t been opened in 2 years.

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