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Before there was TFYLP, there was GeekExistence Transformers.  Even before that, there was GeekExistence Toys!  “Weirdwolf” and “Insane Galvatron” did a general podcast where they covered all kinds of toys, not just Transformers, for the website  The first episode went live in late October of 2010, with subsequent episodes each week.  It became apparent to all parties involved, that Duron & Greg knew WAY more about Transformers than any other toy line, so GeekExistence Toys morphed into GeekExistence Transformers beginning with episode 11.  That podcast, GeekExistence Transformers, became the podcast we all know and love today, Transformers for Your Listening Pleasure — TFYLP.

Here is an archive of the available episodes of GeekExistence Toys–Greg and Duron knew they were rough around the edges, but hey, this podcast thing was new! would like to thank owner Kelly (Batosai30) for discovering these lost episodes and making them available for us to bring to you, the listener.  *Note, these episodes are in .m4a enhanced audio format, and may not play on all players.

(Episodes 1-10 are lost)

GET Episode 11

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