/ TFYLP Forum & Website Rules & Guidelines / Site Rules:

These rules are the same ones that are emailed to you when you register, however if you need to see them again or refer to them, here they are.

While you’re here at, we do ask that you follow a few rules and guidelines:

1. Be courteous to other posters, even if their opinions differ from your own.
2. Please refrain from arguing. State your point of view and move on. If you go back and forth and do not further discussion or cause discord, you may be asked to stop by an Admin or Moderator. If this occurs, please cease immediately.
3. Obey all requests from Administrators or Moderators… even if their opinion or ruling differs from your own. Blatant disobeying of the requests of an Admin or Mod or arguing with a ruling will result in an automatic 3-Day ban. Further actions will depend on severity of the infraction(s).
4. Please keep the foul language to a minimum. We’re mostly adults here, however some children may be registered and viewing, since we do deal with children’s TOYS. The occasional swear word is fine, but do not lace your posts with them or use them as “commas”.
5. Do not insult or “flame” other members, even if provoked. Doing so may result in a temporary ban, or depending on the severity and frequency, a permanent one.
6. Do not register under multiple email accounts/user ID’s, etc. Doing so will automatically ban you for life from this board, regardless of reason.
7. Do not post elicit or explicit material on this forum, nor other parts of the website. Doing so will warrant automatic life-ban. Advertisements are limited to sigs or paying supporters. Do not post threads (outside the B/S/T area) trying to sell stuff; doing so will garner a permanent ban and/or deletion of your threads and account. Please limit you sales in the B/S/T area to pertinent wares of this discussion forum.
8. DO engaging discussions, try to refrain from posts like “This.” and “Yeah.” and “No”. This is a DISCUSSION board, after all. Sometimes discussion may warrant it, but try to refrain from the bulk of your posts not consisting of discussable material.
9. We, like Monty Python, DON’T LIKE SPAM. Spam is considered nonsense, pointless posts or threads, threads advertising stuff (see rule 7), or redundant posts or threads. If there is already a current topic about a subject, don’t start a new one somewhere else on the board or in the same area.
10. Don’t be a necromancer. We don’t like zombies on this board, and if a thread is more than 6 months to a year old and many pages back, please don’t bump it or continue it. Automatic lock. Just start a new topic.
11. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! 🙂

One thought on “ / TFYLP Forum & Website Rules & Guidelines

  1. Hey guys,
    Luv the podcast! It has now become my must download TF show of the week. You guys go deep and delve into the history of the brand as well as discuss the more relevant current issues. An excellent well rounded cast with great guest appearances. I had the pleasure of meeting one of your hosts Protoman at Action Figure Expo and we chatted it up a while- A true fan like the rest of you guys. It was like my own personal mini TFYLP episode. If I may make a suggestion on a future show- Double Dipping: Repaints, Remolds and Reissues…
    I would luv to hear you guys tackle this topic. Looking forward to the next episode Keep up the stellar work=:)
    – Where My Robits At?

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