Transformers Museum

The Transformers Museum here at is where you can find high resolution images of the toys we all love to collect. Here you’ll also find information about the toys.

We are hoping to “build a better” all-inclusive wiki about the Transformers toys in specific.  If you would like to help contribute information, photography (high resolution, professional-style photos), or some other form of help, please contact us today!  We’re wanting to make TFTalk about talking about TF’s, so let’s give the fandom something great to talk about! 

 Generation 1

1984 Autobots   1984 Decepticons    1985 Autobots    1985 Decepticons    1986 Autobots

1986 Decepticons    1987 Autobots    1987 Decepticons    1988 Autobots    1988 Decepticons

1989 Autobots    1989 Decepticons    1990 Autobots    1990 Decepticons     European Releases

Japanese G1

Generation 2

Machine Wars

Beast Wars

Beast Machines

Other Japanese Transformers

Robots in Disguise (RiD)

Transformers: Armada

Transformers: Energon

Transformers: Cybertron


BotCon/OTFCC/TCC & Other Exclusives

Transformers: Animated

Transformers Prime & Beast Hunters

Live Action Movie Transformers

Masterpiece, Alternity, and Alternators

Masterpiece (US & Japan)    Alternators (US)    Binal Tech (Japan)    Alternity (Japan)

Third Party & Unofficial Transformer-styled Characters (by Mfr.)

Fansproject    TFC Toys    Mastermind Creations    iGear    ToyWorld    FansWantIt    Justoys

KFC (Keith’s Fantasy Club)   Impossible Toys    BTS Toys    Mech Ideas



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