Transformers Museum & Database Opens TF Museum Opens

At, YOU the user, the member of TFTalk’s forums, can now contribute to our site’s ever growing content with items from your own collection!  If you have a toy that is not already included in our Galleries, you now have an opportunity to do so.  We’ve created specific Social Groups for different eras (with more to come as we grow!) of the franchise for you to upload to your own user album, then share your photos and information with the appropriate Social Group.  This way, you can not only share photos and info about each toy, you can even discuss each toy in a thread within the group!

Adding photos to the appropriate group is easy.  1. Register on our Message Board to be able to post in our Social Groups.  2. Join the Social Group(s) you wish to contribute to; You should be able to since they are open, public groups. 3. Upload your photos to  your own Photo album by going to the Forums’ Navbar ->Community -> Pictures & Albums and create and upload your images. 4. In your own albums, click on “Add pictures to a group” and then select the pictures and the appropriate album you want to add them to, click Submit, and you’re done.  Any helpful information you wish to add to the group for each figure is welcomed and encouraged.

We know a lot of collectors out there are photo-philes with their figures, this is an excellent way to not only showcase your best pieces, but add to the information and community of fellow collectors as well.  We hope you will want to add as much as possible, but most of all, HAVE FUN! – Where ‘Talkin’ Transformers’ is what we’re about!

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  1. LOL. I just tried to post and got this message: “Insane Galvatron
    Thank you for posting! Your post will not be visible until a moderator has approved it for posting.” This was in a thread I had already posted in earlier. LOL

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