TFCC Sub Service to Come with Microns

From the TFCC Subscription Service:


This week, the Transformers Collectors’ Club has a full schedule of reveals, all leading up to the start of the subscription period for the Transformers Figure Subscription Service 2.0 (TFSS 2.0). Today, we are thrilled to announce that THREE of the TFSS 2.0 figures will come with an ADDITIONAL Micron accessory figure, which have previously only been available through the Arms Micron Transformers toy line!

The three EXCLUSIVE Micron figures will be FRENZY, STYLOR and CATGUT. STYLOR and CATGUT will be partnered with their Generation 1 counterparts and FRENZY will once again be teamed with the original ‘Bad Cop’ Decepticon!

The current line up for the TFSS 2.0 is:

– Decepticon Gunslinger TREADSHOT w/ CATGUT
– Decepticon Enforcement officer BARRICADE w/ FRENZY
– Autobot Mechatronic Engineer FISITRON (aka IRONFIST)
– Autobot Memory Archivist REWIND
– Autobot Forensics and Cerebroscience officer CHROMEDOME w/ STYLOR

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