Musings of a Transformer Nerd No. 3



Musings of a Transformers Nerd


Well it’s been a while since I posted an MTN article, but here I am back at it again.  I’ll try and do it a little more often now, but life got in my way as it tends to do, and I was prevented from being able to post regularly.

I don’t have a whole lot to talk about in this article, but 24 hours from the time I’m typing this up, we should be wrapping up the 100th Episode as the podcast known as TFYLP.  What a long, fun, yet full of speed bumps road it has been.

Four years ago it started out with me and Greg Metcalf (Insane Galvatron) doing a general podcast about toys for the website GeekExistence.  Some time later we changed the overall format of the show into a fully dedicated Transformers show, and eventually migrated here to  Two somewhat lengthy hiatuses during the run, we actually could have way more episodes than we do, but it didn’t turn out that way.

We continued to strive for making the best show we could, starting out knowing that our listener base was probably capable of being counted on one hand, and now have grown to the point where we have hundreds, possibly thousands of listeners to our show.  I can’t state how happy it has made me that our hard work has paid off and continues to do so.

I hope you guys and gals out there check out the show tomorrow live, if not, watch or listen to it later on.  I hope this show continues to grow in quality and popularity, and most of all, I hope YOU love the show.  After all the work is done, all that matters is that you’re informed and entertained.  TFYLP is all about the fans.

Here’s to many many more from the show, and the next hundred!

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