10 thoughts on “TFYLP-Episode 179 (Live)-Our Personal Collection’s Journey

  1. Wow, I almost nailed it right on the head. Counting combiners as individuals instead of one, and counting 3rd party transformers, I’ve got 298 figures. I said on the show my guess was 300-500, I’m right near 300. Eyeballing CHAMPION!

  2. Good show only caught the last 45min. And Bret Lovell is 110% correct if you watched Transformers you watched Robotech too! My Saturdays used to consist of Voltron, Robotech, Hulks rockin Wrestling, GI joe, and Transformers. Then a week of T. Cats & He-man after school.

    My 1st transformer I can remember getting was Galvatron and getting him taken away for making him a gun at school 🙁

    I too sold most of my collection to Wheeljackslab back when I was 21, having a kid, house, & the dreaded bills. I wish I would of kept my boxed road Caesar and my Wilder. My aunt had got me those when she was stationed in Hawaii and I was one of those kids that was good with his toys.

    I quit collecting until I came across a Cybertron Ransack. Thought he was neat caught an episode after work one day and it was him and Crumple zone kinda like old looney toons guys and I went back and bought most of the line. Sold off again for space these days I just collect what interests me. I did set myself a goal though and that was to collect a sub-line in full. all the domestic Micromasters.

  3. I actually had a Blacker at the time but I can’t find the picks. My aunt got me them in Hawaii when she was in the Airforce. I sold most of that closet at the time to help with starting a family. Still got my complete G1 Scorpy just need to find a box and styro.

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