New Takara Legends Figures Revealed

Thanks to DaimChoc on Facebook, we have ourselves a new look at the next few figures that will be released as part of Takara’s Legends line. The wave will include Hot Rodimus (with a cartoon-accurate maroon color, painted rims, retooled chestplate, and a Targetmaster Firebolt), Char (the Japanese name of Kup, including new arms, new Titan-master…

Titans Return Trypticon Revealed

Thanks to Dan Bacon of the New England Transformers Collector’s Group on Facebook, we have our first look at what could be Titans Return Trypticon. The image only shows a leg but soon, we could see the figure as a whole. Stay tuned for more information.  

NYCC Titans Return Reveals

Thanks to Ben’s World of Transformers on Facebook and Facebook user Bill McDonough, we get a look at previously revealed Titans Return figures along with newly revealed figures.  New figures include Perceptor, Brawn, and Broadside. Stay tuned for more details, including prices and the release dates.

New Titans Return Figures Rumored

Thanks to TMizer on Facebook, a new list of rumored Titans Return figures has been released. Fans have been waiting for Abonimus and Predaking since the beginning of Combiner Wars. So if these rumors are true, collectors will finally have a modern line up of classic Generation One combiners.   Credit to Seibertron for the…