44 thoughts on “TFYLP-Episode 203 (Live)-The Forgotten Ones

  1. So much nostalgia in this episode…. love it. Lost so many of my original G1’s as I didn’t really pick back up collecting till the mid 2000’s in my mid 30’s… and so many of my originals were lost in yard sales in the 90’s. Had the autobot and decepticons clones, had the jumpstarters….. this is such a nice trip down memory lane.

  2. Don struck a cord with me too. so many G1’s I broke and played with or just posed on a shelf. now i see masterpiece transformers of today and it takes me back. G1’s were toys, materpiece are show pieces. but i still like to play with them. dotn even try to pronounce my last name.

  3. I used to throw boxes away. I now save the boxes & card backs so I can go back and look at the artwork. I toss the bubble & inserts but save the paperwork & card backs.

  4. Looking back, I bought Countdown, the Decepticon aircraft base & several micro master vehicle sets. I purchased them from Hills department store on extreme clearance. I wish I would have bought all the other sets now. They were all around $3 to $5 each.

  5. The Alternators are slightl better in vehicle mode over the MP’s…. I keep most of mine in my display as robots, I used to display them in car mode and people would think they were model cars

  6. The only Alternator figures I have left are Grimlock/Wheeljack, Hound/Swindle & Ricochet. For the difficulty I do like the Mustang mold, Hound is my favorite & I love the colors on Ricochet.

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