4 thoughts on “TFYLP-Episode 203 (Download)-The Forgotten Ones

  1. On YouTube, I posted that masterpiece star saber was becoming pretty forgotten in terms of masterpiece transformers. But I think beast wars telemocha DX megatron is definitely in that category of forgotten tf toys. It’s probably one of the best season 1 beast megatron we have for now in my opinion in terms of show accurate deco and size until a potential masterpiece megatron comes out. People may prefer the 10th anniversery beast wars reborn one for its head sculpt, however the telemocha DX version purple more matches the show than the other version. This megatron uses the old ultra class mould with the mutant mask, but easily removable. The other telemocha megatron that uses the robot masters mould is probably better than it in every way,however it’s just to small

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