28 thoughts on “TFYLP-Episode 209 (Live)-Chinese Impact on the Hobby Today

  1. I bought KO MP-15 and MP-16’s cassetticons, because I could get both of them for less than even one of the offical….. for what comes down to being nothing but accessories for my MP-13 and MP-13B

  2. My KO Rumble and Frenzy have some defects in the chrome piping on the chest…. but my Buzzsaw and Frenzy are spot on. I bought those as KO, and they are the only KO’s I have purchased

  3. I have a KO Age of Extinction/Movie Advanced Devastator that I thought was great quality when I originally got it. I only took it out ONCE and I have not touched it since. I’d rather have him on display in his box

  4. Talking about the ko MP’s. I purchased all 5 ko versions of the lambor mold. Red alert, sideswipe, g2 SS have the misspelling of the letters. Thinner plastic shoulder cannons. Tiger track on the other hand, no misspelled words. It has the black liner around the headlights. And also has the thicker plastic shoulder cannon. My Tigertrack is very difficult to diagnose as a ko.

  5. I think the Encore Metroplex KO had to be one of the worse cases of retailers getting scammed. Nearly every North American E-retailer, including BBTS took a loss because of it. I ended up with one from BBTS, and they took em back at their expense.

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