New Titans Return and Combiner Wars Figures Revealed By Hasbro At SDCC 2016

Thanks to on Facebook, they give us a look during the Hasbro Preview Breakfast at what Hasbro plans on releasing within the next few months. Figures include a new Titans Return legends Bumblebee, legends Gnaw, deluxe Brainstorm with Titan-master Teslor, and a new voyager Megatron with Titan-master Doomshot.

Lastly, to finish off Combiner Wars, Hasbro will also release Liokaiser, which includes repaints of Aerialbots Skydive and Air Raid as Fellbat and Guyhawk, Brawl recolored as Drillhorn and Ironbison, and Sky Lynx repainted into Dezarus.



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