New Reveals at TFNation

Thanks to Thew’s Awesome Transformers Reviews page on Facebook, we get our first look at multiple third party and Takara figures slated for release later this year.

Figures include:

“FansProject Exo Realm Echara/Chomera (Female dinobot velociraptor/spinosaurus)
Planet X prototype Starscream & Optimus Prime
Maketoys Contact Shot (Pointblank)
Takara Massive Action Optimus Prime
Garatron Gand of Devils Thunderstorm (Thunderwing)
TFC TOYS Poseidon (Overbite/Snaptrap)
Fansproject Dai Z (Dai Atlas)
Planet X Asclepius (Perceptor)
Maketoys Devil Stinger (Black Zarak)
Mastermind Creations Turben (Whirl), Oberon (Obsidian), Anubis (Death’s Head), Dicamus (Roadbuster), Girder (Grapple), Carnifex (Overlord), Titanika (Striker)”

Follow this link for the photo album on Facebook:

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