More Takara Legends Listings: Brainstorm Confirmed

Thanks to Lapooza Mega Store on Facebook, more Takara Legends figures have been revealed with release dates, price points, and new teaser images. Brainstorm, which initially was believed to be a Walgreens exclusive in the US, is now confirmed for a Japanese release. The dates and prices are below.

“Official pre-order start date for LG35 – LG38 is 15 July 2016.

LG35 – Super Ginrai (Nov 2016. 8,500 yen)
LG36 – Soundwave (Nov 2016. 8,000 JPY)
LG37 – Jaguar (Ravage) & Bullhorn (Nov 2016. 1,800 yen)
LG38 – Condor (Laserbeak) & Apeface (Nov 2016. 1,800 yen)

LG39 – Brainstorm (Dec 2016. 4,000 yen)

LG40- Astrotrain (Dec 2016. 5,000 yen)”


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