New Titans Return Reveals at Cybertron-Con

Thanks to @52 Toys, Hasbro reveals more Titans Return figures soon to be released. New Titan Masters include Lione (now known as Sawback), Overkill (as Overboard), Fangry, and Swoop (as Ptero). Legends include the long awaited Kickback, that will finally allow fans and collectors to complete the Legends Insecticon trio, along with Combiner Wars Bombshell and Thrilling 30 Skrapnel. Deluxes include a new Hot Rod figure that will include his Titan Master, Firedrive. Finally, for the leader class, a new triple changer voyager Optimus Prime, who comes with the Titan Master Diac (possibly a throwback to the Diaclone line released by Takara).

These figures are set to be released as the first wave for 2017.13672390_1060697613978166_1793491392_n 13672516_1060697647311496_1091672298_n 13867037_1060697633978164_1057974315_n 13872574_1060697653978162_493760054_n 13874671_1060697607311500_80545513_n

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